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Ecology and Society premia como su mejor artículo 2017: “La Experiencia del Ajedrez Azteca”, producto de ECOSUR

March 7, 2018

Azteca Chess awarded Ecology and Society's best paper of 2017 (Spanish)

A cheap way to protect coffee crops from boring beetles

March 7, 2019

Economist Article on Jonathan Morris's research on string bridges to protect against coffee borers

Unexpected outcomes: Damages to Puerto Rican coffee farms from Hurricane Maria varied widely

October 30, 2019

U-M article on coffee resilience and resistance to Hurricane Maria

Researching coffee-defending lizards in Mexico

August 12, 2015

U-M article on Vandermeer lab alum Ivan Monagan's research on anoles in coffee

Bumblebees in Detroit

May 17, 2017

Coverage of lab research on pollinators in urban landscapes

Understanding How This Cute Little Lizard Can Help Save Coffee

August 24, 2015

Daily Coffee News article on anoles and coffee berry borer

BuzzFeed: Wild Bees Meet Urban Farming

May 27, 2016

Lab alum Carolina Simao discusses native pollinators on WCBN radio

Parasitic fungi and the battle against coffee rust disease

November 23, 2015

U-M article on coffee leaf rust mycoparasite research

Watching Wasmannia: Ants on a Mexican coffee farm

September 3, 2015

U-M article on Vandermeer lab alum Senay Yitbarek's research on Wasmannia

Invasive Plants Push Around Native Ants

April 13, 2017

Blog coverage of lab alum Kevin Li's research

Peace Neighborhood Center Outreach

January 5, 2016

U-M coverage of outreach at Ann Arbor community center

Coffee killer: Tracking ‘la roya’

September 18, 2015

U-M article on the coffee project in Mexico

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